Chassis 202 R-6612-6615-10202 Circlip for hole Ø26
Chassis 203 R-6612-6615-10203 Spring gasket
Chassis 204 R-6612-6615-10204 Bolt
Chassis 205 R-6612-6615-10205 Connecting pin
Chassis 206 R-6612-6615-10206 Bushing
Chassis 207 R-6612-6615-10207 Swing arm (Only 540)
Chassis 208 R-6612-6615-10208 Bushing
Chassis 209 R-6612-6615-10209 Grease nipple
Chassis 210 R-6612-6615-10210 Axle
Chassis 211 R-6612-6615-10211 Push rod fork
Chassis 212 R-6612-6615-10212 Circlip for shaft Ø16
Chassis 213 R-6612-6615-10213 Nut
Chassis 214 R-6612-6615-10214 Long axle (Only 540)
Chassis 215 R-6612-6615-10215-1 Push rod (1150mm)
Chassis 215 R-6612-6615-10215-2 Push rod (800)
Chassis 215 R-6612-6615-10215-3 Push rod (900)
Chassis 215 R-6612-6615-10215-4 Push rod (950)
Chassis 215 R-6612-6615-10215-5 Push rod (1000}
Chassis 215 R-6612-6615-10215-6 Push rod (1500}
Chassis 215 R-6612-6615-10215-7 Push rod (1800}
Chassis 215 R-6612-6615-10215-8 Push rod (2000)
Chassis 216 R-6612-6615-10216 Grease nipple
Chassis 217 R-6612-6615-10217 Axle dia 15.8*105
Chassis 218 R-6612-6615-10218 Spring pin dia 5x26
Chassis 219 R-6612-6615-10219 Level block axle dia 19.8*161
Chassis 220 R-6612-6615-10220 Exit roller
Chassis 221 R-6612-6615-10221 Axle sleeve
Chassis 222 R-6612-6615-10222 Spring pin dia5x30
Chassis 223 R-6612-6615-10223-1 Double loading wheel axle dia 19.8*94.5
Chassis 223A R-6612-6615-10223-2 Single loading wheel axle dia 19.8*130
Chassis 224 R-6612-6615-10224 Tri-connect plate
Chassis 225 R-6612-6615-10225 Level block
Chassis 226 R-6612-6615-10226 Spring pin dia5x35
Chassis 227 R-6612-6615-10227 Bearing 6204-2RS
Chassis 228 R-6612-6615-10228-1 PU double loading wheel dia 80*70
Chassis 228 R-6612-6615-10228-2 PA double loading wheel dia 80*70
Chassis 228A R-6612-6615-10228-3 PU single loading wheel dia 80*93
Chassis 228A R-6612-6615-10228-4 PA single loading wheel dia 80*93
Chassis 229 R-6612-6615-10229 Nut M10
Chassis 230 R-6612-6615-10230 Enter roller
Chassis 231 R-6612-6615-10231 Bolt M10x65
Chassis 232 R-6612-6615-10232 Axle adjusting gasket

Handle and pump 100A R-6612-6615-10100A Handle assy (Square)
Handle and pump 100B R-6612-6615-10100B Handle assy (Triangle)
Handle and pump 300B R-6612-6615-10300B AC pump assy.
Handle and pump 301 R-6612-6615-10301 Wheel axle
Handle and pump 302 R-6612-6615-10302 Dust ring
Handle and pump 303 R-6612-6615-10303 Circlip for shaft Ø20
Handle and pump 304 R-6612-6615-10304 Axle adjusting gasket
Handle and pump 305 R-6612-6615-10305 Circlip for shaft Ø52
Handle and pump 306 R-6612-6615-10306-1 PU steering Wheel Ø200*50
Handle and pump 306 R-6612-6615-10306-2 PA steering Wheel Ø200*50
Handle and pump 306 R-6612-6615-10306-3 Rubber steering WheelØ200*50
Handle and pump 307 R-6612-6615-10307 Spring pin 8x45
Handle and pump 308 R-6612-6615-10308 beraing gap
Handle and pump 309 R-6612-6615-10309 Pushing ball bearing 51111
Handle and pump 310 R-6612-6615-10310 Axle with holeΦ19.8*103(for AC pump)
Handle and pump 311 R-6612-6615-10311 Thrust strip
Handle and pump 312 R-6612-6615-10312 Grease nipple

Pump sealing 404 R-6612-6615-30404 Dust ring Ø18*26*4.5/6
Pump sealing 405 R-6612-6615-30405 Seal washer Ø18*26*5
Pump sealing 408 R-6612-6615-30408 Dust ring Ø35*43*5/6.5
Pump sealing 409 R-6612-6615-30409 O-ring Ø35*3.55
Pump sealing 410 R-6612-6615-30410 Seal washer Ø35*45*6